•   MINGRI furniture the limited company is a ground pearl ReverDelta,intermational furniture city is an our eoutry here biggestfurnitu re produce, sale informationbase, position with abundantresources.
      Our company has the modem standard factory priemises, high character professim of many squares of ten the isad the management ,design personnel ,combine to usher in the ItaIy ato, the ltalyato, thenation's forerunner the production the production the equipments and techniquemake out company's product face the series,product face the series,profession direction the development the product was examinations by quantity many examinations of sections is qualified and the product quantity alreadygoto the far sale southeast asia Europe and America and have the scale's profession the production,the factory house.
      Move forward the modem new century that manage,and face the furniture of vehemence competition the markit MINGRI company wonn't break to expand creative, make the product excdlsior and combine a such as since toward the way that the groud insist research to manfacturethe new product and offer the customer MINGRI furniture limited company the colleagre create fine tomorrow teagether with you.


    Enterprise spirit: integrity, pragmatic, excellence, innovation Business philosophy: professional, concentrate, focus Enterprise positioning: leather sofa expert Corporate goal: to become the most famous brand in the sofa Business philosophy: quality management and environmental protection simultaneously, economic benefits and social responsibility Business ethics: not to be a small, but not for the good, not to do a good job in the internal affairs of the country and home Business purposes: management requires science, style and strive to innovation, quality continues to improve, beyond customer expectations

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    Address: Guangdong province Foshan city Lecong District Shunde town Hua Third Industrial Zone No. six (Hua Road)
    Tel: 0757-28101598 18923103959  
    Fax: 0757- 28918156 
    Contact: Mr. Wu  Cell phone: 13924569598


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